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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does spray foam insulation last?

If done well, spray foam insulation lasts longer than the span of the average human lifetime.

Can I spray foam myself?

Yes, the cost of the materials and equipment can run over $1,000 if you do it yourself but you do risk doing it wrong.

Is spray foam energy efficient?

In most cases, using spray foam insulation can reduce energy costs by a minimum of 20%. In some cases even as much as 50% in reduced energy costs.

Can mold grow on spray foam insulation?

It can get moldy only if it gets wet for an extended period of time and it takes a LOT of water to cause any kind of deterioration. It’s still a much better form of insulation than convention methods, and far less expensive.

Should you spray foam your roof?

Since it makes for such a great and affordable solution to filling in gaps, preventing water damage and being air tight, spray foam is often used to insulate a roof.

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For more than half a decade, High Def Spray Foam has been the, “go to” spray foam insulation contractor in the Florida Panhandle area. We are A Rated with the Better Business Bureau too. We use the best equipment and apply only quality SPF products. When you need to hire a local, reputable, and professional spray foam contractor and save money at the same time, call us. Always a free cost estimate and prompt responses to phone calls.