Energy-Efficient Insulation

Energy-Efficient Insulation

Because it has a high R-value, it requires less of the product than with other materials. So even though it can cost more than other materials, it doesn’t end up being that much more expensive.

Even with it costing a little more initially, it ends up paying for itself! Here’s how:

  • Better Product – Superior to its traditional counterparts like fiberglass and foam board, you will notice a drastic decrease in your energy bill. Just by using this energy-efficient insulation in your attic, you can see a drop of up to 40 percent.
  • Minimal Refills or Replacements – As an experienced energy-efficient insulation installer, we understand how to apply this product with maximum results. While batts and loose-fill sag and settle, your SPF will stay exactly where we apply it. Those gaps allow heat to pass through and require refills throughout the years. That’s money you won’t have to spend with SPF.

    Easy on the Air Conditioner – Air cannot penetrate through either type of this energy-efficient insulation, so it keeps your conditioned air inside your home and heat outside. This prevents your air conditioner from having to work harder and can save you money on repairs and early replacement of an overworked machine.

Energy Efficient Insulation Company

At High Def Spray Foam, we believe in saving our clients money. So we provide accurate, free estimates on the best insulation on the market. By installing it in a new construction property, you can cut your energy bill in half! Call us today for your free estimate.

At High Def Spray Foam, we know the best way to insulate your attic, walls, ceiling, basement, and crawl space. Whether you need us for residential or commercial purposes, we have the expertise to deliver on time and on budget.