Is Spray Foam Insulation Cost Effective?

The age of your home will affect how much savings you will receive by using spray foam insulation. The insulation code has changed a lot in the past 50 years, and newer homes with R30 insulation will have fewer savings after spraying foam with 3 to 4 inches of insulation compared to older homes built in the 1970s. Well-insulated houses will be somewhat protected from outside elements, and their energy bills will be lower because their basic level of insulation already helps.

How much will you save foam on the roof decoration?

New or well-insulated homes will see their heating and cooling costs decrease by 10% to 15%, while homes with much less insulation or combat fiberglass insulation will have a reduction of 20% to 30%.

How much foam will be saved in block walls?

In houses built before 1990, when spray foam is applied to the walls, the cost of this heating and air conditioning is reduced by 15% to 25% when exposed to more than two hours of sun.


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